Gatorade’s Everyday Goals – Episode 1

There’s more to being a professional footballer than just performing on the pitch.

To be at their best, players must prioritise fitness in every aspect of their life.

To explore what that entails, Gatorade sent Cel Spellman behind-the-scenes at the City Football Academy to learn about three different parts of a player’s routine and how these learnings can apply to everyone's own sporting routine and general lifestyle.

In the first episode of Everyday Goals, our new three-part series, Cel meets up with Ruben Dias and 1st Team Sports Science coach Tom Parry.


Tom takes Cel around the First Team canteen and discusses players’ nutrition, giving him insights and tips on how these learnings can be incorporated into the everyday person's fitness and wellbeing plans.

The second part of the series will see Cel focus on pre-activation and how to prepare for a workout before the series concludes with a focus on training outside.

But before that, it’s over to Cel, Ruben and Tom to find out how what you eat can influence your everyday performance.

Click on the video at the top of the page to watch the first episode of Gatorade’s Everyday Goals…