Gatorade Everyday Goals: Episode 3 - On the Pitch

Cel Spellman talks to Kalvin Phillips in the latest episode of Gatorade's Everyday Goals.

There’s more to being a professional footballer than just performing on the pitch.

To be at their best, players must prioritise fitness in every aspect of their life.

To explore what that entails, Gatorade sent Cel Spellman behind-the-scenes at the City Football Academy to learn about three different parts of a player’s routine and how lessons from these can be incorporated into the everyday persons daily routine.

Episode One focused on ‘Nutrition’, Episode Two ‘Pre-Activation’ work in the gym and Episode Three focuses towards ‘On the Pitch’ training.

In each episode Cel is taken through each area by a member of the First Team backroom staff.

And in the third and final instalment of the series, Cel spends time with sports scientist Chris Elderkin to learn about how the players training regimes are built, particularly focusing on what their recovery from injury looks like and the steps involved in returning to match fitness.

Cel also sits down with City midfielder Kalvin Phillips to discuss a variety of topics including the difference between pre-season and mid-season training, rehabilitation from injury, how hydration is key and much more.

Chris then puts our Matchday Live presenter, Cel, through a few fundamental training drills that can replicate at home, including jogging and ball work sessions.

Click on the video at the top of the page to watch the third episode of Gatorade’s Everyday Goals…