Pep Guardiola says his team is not doing a great deal wrong.

City have unusually failed to score in the last two games, but the Catalan boss says he hasn’t seen anything noticeable different from his players so is lost for an answer why there were no goals against United and Tottenham.

“I would like to know the explanation,” said Pep.

“Always I say every single game that I want us to concede less and create more.

“My players want to score. They don't want to concede. We create a lot. I believe we can miss and not win, but we cannot lose our way of playing.

“That would be a problem. We scored a lot and now we didn't score. I don't have a reason. We are there, with two, three people in the box.”

Pep also said that he is aware that football moves in cycles and that, in the present moment, the momentum is more with Liverpool this season, but expects that to change again as it had over the past few seasons.

“Of course the cycles change, they are not eternal,” said Pep.

“A year ago, people said we were unstoppable and no one can beat us.

“I don't know what will happen in the future. We will do whatever we can to reduce the gap.

“When we got 100 points we were 25 points ahead. Liverpool reduced that to one point and now they are ahead. That is the reality 

“I didn't see the last games that our team gave up, I don't have that feeling.

“I see training and we have same rhythm as past years. That is my feeling. We lose games, but I don't know.

“Maybe we don't have something and I have to discover what it is, but I still like watching my team.

“We don't win, you are right we have a problem, but I like the way we play. A rival is 22 points ahead so something is missing, something not good. 

“It can be improved by scoring goals and avoid conceding with the two, three chances the opponent has. 

“I said to the guys ‘miss as much as you want but keep trying to create’.

“I don't say you have to score; they know it. They want it. Try to be aggressive, try to score. If not, next one, if not, next game. From day one they try.”