Pep Guardiola on how City can best combat Liverpool's fluid attack...

Pep Guardiola says City will attack Liverpool

Mo Salah (3), Roberto Firmino (2) and Sadio Mane (2) scored seven of the Reds’ nine goals against City last season as the Blues lost three of the four meetings in the Premier League and Champions League.

Preventing the fluid trio scoring at Anfield on Sunday would go a long way to seeing City return up the M62 with the unbeaten start in the league still intact.

“The big difference is how many times you lose the ball,” said Pep.

“In Champions League games, they didn’t lose the ball. These guys are so dangerous and connect between them - Mane and Salah love running behind and they do it really well.

“I always believed and feel in my game we should attack better and be protected when we lose the ball.

“I don’t expect what happened in Napoli to happen at Anfield (where Liverpool didn’t register a single shot).

“We have to defend, but not in the approach play because it’s boring and we have to be ourselves. In this type of game, we must to be ourselves.

“If we lose, then congrats to Jurgen - but we try to improve and go again.

“They are good and even though we are City and a good team, they also do many good things. To minimise those three players on Sunday, we have to attack and be as good as possible.

“Liverpool deserve all the praise they get. I think we had a lot of praise, too but for us, when you have a vision you start to compare - we should be so proud and we are.

“All we can do is try to do our job.”