Pep Guardiola believes winning the Premier League title is one of his most satisfying achievements.

The Blues lifted the trophy for the third time after the goalless draw against Huddersfield at the Etihad Stadium.

No stranger to success, the Catalan manager spoke of his pride for an incredible campaign, which has broken numerous records, and ranked it amongst his top accomplishments.

“It’s the Premier League. In England, it’s special because it’s so tough,” Guardiola reflected.

“We saw that (against Huddersfield) and that’s why but okay, we got it; we did it.

“Here, it is more difficult (to win titles). The most important thing is preparing well and after, we’ll see our level.

WATCH: Watch City lift the Premier League trophy!

“Of course, you never know you’re going to win titles – nobody knows – but I didn’t have doubts about what we had to do or what we needed to try to do.

“You win and you lose but you always have to keep doing what you believe in.

“We started the season believing we would try to do it but I didn’t know we were going to win.”

Ever the perfectionist, Guardiola spoke of potential improvement for next season.

“(The game against Huddersfield) was proof we can do better. It was warm; it was so tough,” he continued.

“They were playing to stay in the Premier League.

“This week, too many things surrounded the team that meant we missed a little bit of focus but that’s normal.

“Last season, the average age was 31. Now, we have 25, 26. The new guys have really good energy and they have really good human qualities.

“We’ve seen in recent seasons how the team who won the Premier League has not even qualified for the Champions League the following year so making back-to-back titles in this league will be tough but we accept the challenge.”