High praise for David Silva on and off the pitch from Pep Guardiola.

David Silva has been one of City’s most consistent players all season.

Although the Spaniard's family situation still persists, he has been nothing but professional throughout and has produced the same form we've come to expect - and love. His manager spoke of his admiration.

“We say many times that family is the most important thing," Guardiola said. "But of course, he knows he has to train.

“When we go to Abu Dhabi he will stay in Spain but hopefully the situation can get resolved as soon as possible and his boy can grow day by day.”

When speaking on Silva’s technical ability and what he has meant to the Club, Guardiola had this to say: “He’s been one of the best players in the past decade and he’s so good.

“He’s a huge competitor. His body language is silent, he doesn’t say many things but on the pitch but he always makes a step forward and that’s what’s so important."

With the World Cup coming up, Pep had the opportunity to talk about the future of the England squad and our opportunity to improve in years to come.

“Many of the English players prefer to stay here because there’s a chance of playing in the Premier League," he added. 

“A lot of foreign young players also come to play in England and when they go to play for their national team, it makes them stronger.

“For the English national teams to succeed, the young players have to have real tough competition. That’s the only way the national team will succeed in the future.”

Finally, the manager also discussed the progression of Benjamin Mendy, now that the French international is back in training.

“The most important thing after six months if for Mendy to be careful," he warned. "His knee recovery has gone well and he can help us in the future.”

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