Pep Guardiola and Ilkay Gundogan shared similar sentiments on Manchester City’s Champions League aspirations ahead of the last 16 tie with FC Basel.

Pep Guardiola and the last 16 tie with FC Basel.

The German midfielder joined Guardiola at Tuesday’s pre-match press conference, with both men commenting on the continued improvement the team need to make in Europe.

“We are still on a journey,” said Gundogan

“We are not where we want to be but we are happy with how it’s going at the moment. We have more potential to achieve.

“Because we play quite well, people want to put us at the same level as Barcelona or Bayern Munich.

“We feel like we want to compete against these teams, but we are not there yet. We want to be ready if we have to play them.”

Guardiola added: “Last season we were more up and down.

“This season we have won a lot of games so we have more confidence and are at a more stable level.

“Always there is time to learn and tomorrow is good test to learn how to handle a good moment.”

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