Pep Guardiola is proud that City have topped Group F and looking forward to Monday's Champions League Round of 16.

Pep's post-match thoughts...

The performance…

“Incredible. Today finished group stage in best way. Best 16 teams in Europe. We try to arrive in February in the best condition with players fit.

Big compliment for this group because every group is tough, and we did it so well.”

Raheem Sterling’s performance:

“Top. Unfortunately, the finishing or last pass (wasn't there) but he is young. He will improve. His performance was excellent.”

Full backs. Walker introduction

Everybody’s important. Kyle is important. Danilo is injured. We decide to make build up with 3 three the back - that’s why we played John there. He can do it but he didn't feel comfortable in first half with his knee. Not a big issue. Kyle started to warm up and at the break, we made the sub.

“Stones is not a full back. Kyle is, but I admire the effort to try to do it.”

Phil Foden performance…

“They scored a goal. Before that moment, we were flat, they were better. Not because they did special things, but we were flat.

Hoffenheim, I know a bit about how they play. If they run, you cannot stop.

After the penalty, we were good. Created a lot of chances, hit the post, many counter attacks. Need to improve on that in future.

Second half, team was much better. Not just Phil but in general over 90 minutes, Phil was outstanding. I never had doubts. The quality he has with the ball. Looks skinny but really strong. Huge talent. England has a diamond.

Against German teams it is so demanding, but he played like a man.”

Sane display…

“Really proud. I am a lucky guy.”