After an impressive win against the Premier League champions, Pep Guardiola speaks to the media about our process of victory.

After Saturday’s massive win in the Premier League’s late kick-off against Chelsea, the manager sat down with journalists to discuss the dominant City performance.

First speaking on the determination in took to battle against a tough and physical side, Guardiola had this to say.

“They are so fast, so strong, so quick but we played with courage on the ball and with high pressing. John and Nico were amazing in making the line high.”

To Chelsea’s credit, Guardiola admits being not being able to control the match as he would have liked.

“The first half, we played quite good, we had the control but we didn’t find the right players in the right positions.”

However, the second half proved to be a different story altogether.

“The second half was good, in the game they didn’t have the ball.

“In the end, once again Kevin showed us how good he is and we are so happy.

“We created enough chances to score more goals, we like to play high and we are comfortable with this.

“We’re able to go wherever and play our game.

“We showed that we can go anywhere and try to win our games.”

Speaking on the quality of Kevin De Bruyne and being our maestro in the midfield, Pep had nothing but positivity to say about the Belgian beauty.

“He can do absolutely everything.

“With the ball he is excellent and without the ball he is the most humble guy.”

That’s all he needed to say. The performances speak for themselves.

Finally, our manager was questions on the possibility of managing a national team in the future. Something that Pep Guardiola is all for.

“I would like to be a manager of a national team in the next years. Where, I don’t know but I would like to try it.”

Watch the press conference above.