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In Mumbai, Young Leaders are working hard to empower and educate young people through the Goals for Life project.  

India is the world’s largest democracy where almost half of the population are estimated to be under 25 years old. For young people, education is key to a successful future and, although enrollment in primary education is high, over 45% of children drop out of school before they are 14 years old.   

Poonam and other Young Leaders from Mumbai are determined to change this. Through weekly football activities they will instill the value of education amongst participants and their families. All players commit to going to school regularly and attendance and progress are carefully monitored.

A football-based STEM education curriculum will be developed to enhance the education of all students and extra tuition will be provided to those who are struggling at school, as well as support and mentoring for those at risk of dropping out.  

Poonam, 19, is adamant that football can support young people with their education across Mumbai.   

“Many kids belong to poor families and they just drop out from school because their parents don’t understand the value of education. 

“With football, with education, we create new futures, new opportunities for the youth. I believe if you are educated, if you are talented enough, you can do whatever you want to do in your life.” 

This project is delivered in partnership with OSCAR Foundation, and generously supported by Cisco. 

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