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Jesus and Otamendi are guitar heroes!

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Manchester City duo Gabriel Jesus and Nicolas Otamendi showed there was more than just one string to their bow as they took time out during the Club's recent tour of the United States to visit the Nashville headquarters of legendary guitar makers Gibson. 

Like City, Gibson was founded back in 1894 and Gab J and Nico learnt all about the long and illustrious history of the one of the music world's most iconic companies as well as trying their hands out at some of the fabulous guitars made by Gibson – including, fittingly enough, several fitted out in spectacular sky blue. 

Nico also got to grips with one of Gibson's most exclusive guitars, which are valued at a cool million dollars – giving one of the guides a scare along the way! 

And by the end of their visit, the City duo were well in tune with their instruments and confirmed that they are never happier than when singing the Blues! 

To see what Gabriel and Nicolas made of their visit to Gibson, watch the video above.