Episode five of In The Game is here!

The usual trio host Kyle Walker and guests FG and Layton Blake return to the City Studio to discuss the results of the EA SPORTS FC Team of the Year items.

We start of analysing FG and Layton’s Team of the Year predictions. They got seven correct compared to the final FC 24 11, how many did you guess would make the squad?

From City, Ruben Dias, Rodrigo, Kevin De Bruyne and Erling Haaland were named in the FC 24 TOTY and their items are incredible!


And this episode features a special guest, Man City Esports FC Pro player Tekkz. He knows everything about which items are the best and how to utilise them.

He gives us a rundown of each City item that is in the TOTY and why each player stands out.

And to top off the show, the guys in the studio analyse Man City Esports’ performance in the ePremier League Group Stages. Do they think Tekkz and Mati can guide us to an ePrem title?

Watch to find out their thoughts and more via the video above!