Watch the highlights of the FC Pro Open Global Qualifier where Tekkz and Matias Bonanno go unbeaten in their routes to the FC Pro Open.

The Global Qualifiers saw 64 of the worlds best FC Pro players compete for 20 spots in the group stage. 

First up was the Swiss style format where Tekkz and Matias needed to win three games before losing three games. 

And things were going perfectly until Tekkz and Matias were drawn against each other! So I guess you could say one of them didn’t go unbeaten in their Swiss but the loser didn’t get beat by anyone outside of Man City Esports. 

Who do you think won between Tekkz and Matias?


Onto the next phase and the knockout stage. Two wins would secure a spot in the FC Pro Open.

Tekkz faced his games first and played some unreal FC which saw him go unbeaten with some late drama against Neissat! 

Up next was Matias and in his group were some tough opponents. But the City Esports Pro took the challenge in his stride and came out on top with a perfect record in the second day of gaming. 

Matias will begin his FC Pro Open group stage battle on Monday 4 December. Tekkz will start his on Monday 18 December. 

See all of the results in their FC Pro Open Global Qualifiers in the video above!