Ticket resale information
Ticket resale information


Valid tickets for Manchester City Football Club matches (home and away) should only be purchased from Manchester City or an official, authorised seller. 

Tickets should only be sold at the face value shown on the ticket. If you pay more than the face value or have bought the ticket through unofficial channels, your ticket will be invalid, and you are likely to be refused entry the stadium.

​You can purchase official match tickets and hospitality packages as follows (at all times subject to availability):


Buy tickets online

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General Admission Match Tickets*

Premium Seats 93:20*


*Online, in-person, and telephone booking fees apply

You can purchase official match tickets, match breaks and hospitality packages from these official sources:

Any official or authorised reseller will clearly identify themselves with approved Club branding.

The unauthorised sale of football tickets is a criminal offense under UK law.

Touts no longer just sell tickets outside the stadium, they also sell them (and aid unauthorised sales by others) on websites and online marketplaces. Tickets sold by unauthorised sellers are likely to be invalid and will lead to you being refused entry to or removed from the stadium.

People buying from unauthorised sellers have experienced the following:

  • The price paid is inflated
  • their tickets were fake and they were not allowed entry;
  • their tickets were canceled;
  • they did not receive a match ticket at all;
  • they were sat in the opposing fans’ area of the stadium;
  • their bank details and other personal information were compromised.

If a ticket is packaged with hospitality, travel and/or accommodation this does not mean that the seller is authorised to sell such packages with tickets included.

  • The exact location of the seats not confirmed (no stand, row or seat number); and/or
  • Large volumes of tickets being on offer for the most high-profile matches.

Click here for a list of known unauthorised ticket websites which SHOULD NEVER BE USED TO PURCHASE MANCHESTER CITY TICKETS. You will be directed to the official Premier League website but please note this list is by no means exhaustive.

If you are in any doubt or would like further advice, please contact Supporter Services on +44 (0)161 444 1894. Alternatively, you can email [email protected] with additional information and supporting evidence.

We want you to enjoy your match experience in comfort and safety and ensure that the ticket you buy is genuine. You can guarantee you are obtaining official match tickets by purchasing directly from Manchester City Football Club or one of our authorised resellers.