Sensory Room

NOW OPEN: The sensory room at the Etihad Stadium.

Manchester City welcomes families to our new Sensory Room! A specially designed space for children with sensory processing issues to attend a match in a calm environment at the Etihad Stadium.

The Sensory Room benefits include:

  • Individually tailored matchday experience for each family's sensory requirements
  • A quiet space for families to watch matches, either from the room itself or outside seating in the stadium bowl
  • Full, unrestricted view of the pitch behind soundproof glass, creating a safe and controlled environment to watch the game
  • Optional, additional seating in the stadium bowl on the private balcony for those who want to spend time experiencing the match in the crowd

This dedicated sensory space will be in use throughout the season both on matchdays and for City in the Community to deliver sessions to participants on non-matchdays.

To enquire about booking tickets for the Sensory Room for Manchester City home games, please contact [email protected] or call 0161 444 1894 (Option 1, 2, 2).

Your Journey

Prior to your matchday experience, the Access Team will offer you the opportunity to view the facilities on a non-match day, so you and your family can familiarise yourself with the route, room, and stadium.

Your Matchday Journey

Arriving to the match

  • You will be met in the car park by our Access Team and escorted to the sensory room
  • You can view the route to the Sensory Room in the video above, but the Access Team will be accompanying you on the way
  • The arrival time will be arranged with the Access Team before matchday
  • The room will open two hours before kick-off

During the Match

  • The Sensory Room is supervised by staff from City in the Community
  • Food will be pre-ordered before the match and delivered at half-time. Refreshments available with the room throughout

Leaving the match

  • You will be escorted from the Sensory Room back to the car park by our access team

Sensory Bags

In order to further assist supporters with sensory processing issues, Manchester City are now pleased to be able to support with the provision of a sensory bag. We hope it will make the experience at the Etihad Stadium even more enjoyable and comfortable.

The bags will include:

  • Ear defenders
  • Mini soft football
  • Fidget spinner
  • Fidget toy
  • Lanyard mood thermometer

To apply for a sensory bag, we ask that all supporters contact the Access Team directly by telephone on 0161 444 1894 (opt 1, 2, 2) where the team will complete an application form with you to ensure we fully understand the requirements of the user and are therefore better informed to assist.

Once the bag is ordered, it will be available for collection from the stadium prior to the day of the game or we can dispatch to you to ease your journey to the stadium.

Fan feedback/testimonials

"From the very first phone call, we have been blown away by the passion, love and care you have put into this exciting project.

The emotion from staff during the day was enough to show how much this meant to them and how much hard work they had all put into it. Putting love and care into something makes it feel like you as a family are included in a way you can really join in. Inclusion is a word that is thrown around all too easy, however this is how you truly include a child with disabilities. You all made us feel like royalty and made us feel part of it!

Thank you so very much from the bottom of our hearts, seeing our boy smile like he did is a memory we shall forever treasure."

"I feel like you are doing a brilliant job in delivering something that will be so useful and rewarding for so many city fans who might never have dreamt that they would be given an opportunity to attend a game for something that they feel passionate about, I really had a lovely time with my boys and I think with the right encouragement to get them to sit in the outside chairs it will be the best stepping stone to hopefully work up to general admission seating."

"The sensory room itself blew me away, when we walked in the box, I was very impressed and then into the sensory room itself, oh I was in tears. It is just perfect for Alfie's needs and it worked its magic by calming my very over stimulated boy down during the second half.

Alfie sat in the stands for the first full half, something I couldn't even possibly imagine a couple of weeks ago. I cannot begin to explain how that feels.

Put quite simply, your wonderful team have worked so hard to create a safe and happy place for kids with additional needs. Not only has a lot of thought gone into this room but a massive amount of love and care.

For us the best part? To just feel normal. To feel how everybody else in that stadium felt even if it was for a short space of time.

You took our worries away."

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