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Jill Scott: A time to reflect...

'Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart.'

A beautiful quote, scribed by English Romantic poet William Wordsworth.

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During this spell of uncertainty, social distancing and isolation, the nation is seeking new and creative ways to entertain ourselves and each other.

With extended periods at home, the world has turned to video techonology, physical challenges and nostalgia to overcome the separation, including our very own football stars.

Ever the consummate role model, City and England hero Jill Scott MBE has opted to utilise her creative spark on paper, taking a different kind of 'pen' to share her thoughts and emotions during this difficult period.

The legendary Lionesses midfielder, who has clocked just shy of 150 caps for her country, has penned a moving piece of poetry on this challenging time in a bid to spread some hope.

A time to reflect

An unexpected event now presented with time,
Finding comforts in words and a simple rhyme.
Always thought what we would do with a long break,
But now it's here, I don't know what to make!
People needing help but being told to stay away...
Time on our hands but dictated to each day.
Being sensible spending time alone,
Avoiding wasting hours on a mobile phone.
Thinking of all the families going through pain;
Small, independent businesses: will they ever regain?
Time to be a role model - an important role
Looking after the elderly and sharing toilet roll!
Checking in with family faces provided through Skype,
Trying to keep them calm in this chaotic hype!
Indoor games, movies and talking.
If you're outdoors, keep your distance when walking.
A time to reflect on how we can improve,
Can we use this time to make a forward move?
Healthier lifestyle, despite lack of resources.
Our lives about to take different courses.
'Old skool' games on their way back.
Maybe that creativity is nowadays what we lack!
Normal days not pushing our energy and thought -
Just staring and doing things that we've bought.
Kids now facing a school ban.
We can still teach them life skills - I know that we can.
We will get through all this if we just stick together,
Show great attitude, love and endeavour.
NHS workers: give them the help they deserve.
Running on empty - not leaving anything in reserve.
They are our heroes and we shouldn't wait
To recognise their great work and really appreciate!


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Stay safe during this tough time.