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Castellanos: Versatility will be key

City's new signing Deyna Castellanos is ready to play wherever she is required in the Barclays Women's Super League this season.

The versatile Venezuelan, who joined City from Atletico Madrid this summer, can play in several different attacking positions.

With City's first domestic fixture of the season to come against Aston Villa on Sunday afternoon, the 23-year-old gave a hint as to the role she may feature in for Gareth Taylor's side this season.

Asked about where she may fit into this side during Friday's press conference, she said: "Right now as a number nine. That’s the role I have so far but I’ll probably play somewhere else or develop in a different position in the attacking side.

"We’ll see what Gareth [Taylor] wants and I’ll try to help the team as best I can. That’s always the goal."

City have been through a summer of transition since the end of the 2021/22 season and Castellanos is one of seven new signings arriving in Manchester.

That leaves the Club with a squad that boasts a plethora of options in every area and Castellanos is excited to see the group gel as the new campaign progresses.

"You get more competitive and learn every day from every single person on the team," she said.

"That’s something I was looking forward to. It’s difficult having lots of different nationalities and football but the goal and the way City plays is clear.

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"It’ll be about time. We all know each other well and our strengths and weaknesses. With time that will come but it’s very fun learning from my teammates and playing with them."

When Castellanos makes her league debut she will become the first Venezuelan to feature in the Barclays Women's Super League.

For our new attacker, the prospect of representing her country on one of the biggest stages in the world is an exciting one.

"One of my motivations is opening paths in Europe or outside of Venezuela for women’s football. That’s something that motivates me and I can’t wait to open those doors for them."