Pep Guardiola is not ruling out Erling Haaland playing some part of City’s Premier League home game against Burnley next Wednesday. 

The Norwegian has been absent since our 1-0 loss to Aston Villa in early December with a foot injury.

The City boss admitted the initial prognosis was not too bad, but after further investigation, a longer recovery period was needed to heal the issue.

“In the start we thought it was a bit less, but there was a little fracture on the bone.,” said Guardiola

“When you have these kind of injuries, it’s between six and eight weeks out - it’s not a lot. 

“The bone needs time to close and now he’s almost at the end of eight weeks next weekend or next week. He feels good and now he needs time for the rhythm and start to get the minutes, then he will be fit.

“In Abu Dhabi and here in the last week to 10 last days, he didn’t feel anything which is a good sign.

“Coming back after two three sessions he felt a little bit of disturbance, that’s why we were cautious, but now he feels good and in three or four more days, hopefully against Burnley, he can play some minutes and after that, we will see.”

Guardiola also says Kevin De Bruyne is ready to start games, but hinted he may not be in the starting XI against Spurs as the boss and his medical team continue to manage the Belgian’s return.

“He is ready and he was ready at Newcastle as well, but always we have the processes to observe to play 90 minutes,” he said.

“Really soon he will play from the beginning. He trained really well in Abu Dhabi and after every session, the recovery in his leg is behaving well. 

“He has to continue to work on and off the pitch. He seems good. 

“We are stronger with Kevin and Erling, but we cannot cry and wait five months (when they are missing) - we have to move forward, and we have done that. 

“I’m not a big fan of finding excuses. Kevin’s fresh and now, he’s back - Erling and John as well - for the second part of the season. 

“But first we travel to London to do a good game and try to go through to the next round.”