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Guardiola explains reasons for successful Begiristain partnership

Pep Guardiola says trust has been the most crucial factor in his successful partnership with Txiki Begiristain, as he declared Manchester City’s Director of Football a joy to work with.

Former team-mates at Barcelona, the two men have become great friends during their 30-year working relationship, building a winning empire during Guardiola’s time in charge at the Nou Camp and doing the same at the Etihad Stadium since they reunited five years ago.


The City boss says Begiristain has created a perfect environment for him to work in, but, for all his strengths as a Director of Football, Guardiola believes his colleague’s greatest quality is his humility.

“One of the reasons I extended my contract two times is because Txiki is here,” he explained at his press conference ahead of City’s game against Paris Saint-Germain.

“We work together incredibly well. When we win, we try to analyse why. When we lose we try to analyse why. We don’t judge the other one. We both work for the best for this club.

“Above all that, he is the most humble person I ever met. He never goes to the media. Always, the success is for the other ones. He is always behind the scenes.

“You don't find these type of people in this world because their egos are always so high- and I put myself as an example [of that].

“He always gives the credit to the players, to the manager, for the chairman, and the CEO.

“That’s why it’s a pleasure working with him because I can do my job completely free, accepting the good moments and the bad moments and sharing together.

“In the bad moments we are closer than ever and in good moments we celebrate together with a glass of wine.

“That’s why it’s a joy to work here with people like Txiki.”

Begiristain’s influence on Guardiola’s coaching career cannot be overstated.

In his former role as Barcelona’s Sporting Director, the 57-year-old played a key role in Guardiola’s appointment as manager of the Catalan giants after just one season in charge of the Club's B team.

It was a decision which set the City boss on course to become one of the greatest coaches of all-time and one he will always be grateful for.

Guardiola admits the support and trust Begiristain has given him has been invaluable, acknowledging that is not always the case between managers and directors of football.

“It’s difficult to find,” he added.

“We met when I was 19-years-old. We played together, we had a relationship as sporting director and manager at Barcelona.

“He trusted me when I wasn’t anyone in football management. He could have chosen many managers at that time.

“My gratitude is eternal. Without him I will not be here, that’s for sure. He has shown me, especially in the bad moments, who he is.

“I think Manchester city is incredibly lucky to have him. How settled he is, how he is always thinking of the Academy, the support of Jason Wilcox and how the Academy is working. I see what he is doing for the club.

“I would say it is the ideal situation when the sporting director trusts the manager. He knows and I know that if we don’t win, he will be sacked and I will be sacked.

“Until then, the sporting director has to support the manager absolutely. It’s so important.”