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Guardiola: 'We were fantastic'

Guardiola: 'We were fantastic'
Pep Guardiola says he is incredibly satisfied with his team’s 1-0 win over Chelsea – but says there is still a long way to go in the title race.

City’s 12th successive Premier League win means the champions are now 13 points clear at the top of the table, though Liverpool have played two games less.

Asked if he was pleased with the win today, Pep said: “They are the European champions. They deserved it. I know how difficult they are; how well they defend.

“They are a team that sits back and tries to beat you in transition and we beat them in one transition.

“We were fantastic. We defended incredibly well. All players gave everything.

“It is an important victory because we are playing against a big contender. Now, we rest and then it is Southampton.”


The City boss was also asked if he took more satisfaction from being a title rival?

The Blues have now beaten Chelsea 1-0 home and away this campaign and the Catalan says it is vital to beat those around you.

“Of course because when you get three points, they cannot get three points and it’s one week less,” he said.

“In January, no-one is the champion. We can think about Chelsea, but Liverpool have one game in hand (after they play Brentford on Sunday).

“If they they win (the game in hand) versus Leeds, it’s eight points and eight points in January is nothing. We spoke before the game.

“I want to win the game if we deserve it and we deserved it. I like football to be fair. I was happy to win against Arsenal, but we didn’t deserve it. When you deserve it, it feels better.”

The boss was also asked if his team’s performances against the top sides this campaign suggests City are the best in the Premier League?

He responded: “Listen, I don’t know who is the best team in the Premier League. It is like asking who is the best player and manager.

“I don't care, honestly. All the big contenders, we beat away. Many tough games are away and now all of them come to our home.

“Against Leicester we did well in the first half especially and today as well and we just have to continue.

“We played really well against teams in the middle of the table.

“To win 12 in a row you sometimes need luck - the Arsenal game - but the other games we were better.

“Leicester, Brighton, in every game we were good. I don't know what is going to happen. I don’t care.

“What I care about is that after everything we have won after six years, these guys still give everything for this club.

“That is difficult to find. We are humble to run without the ball every game.

“This is our biggest achievement. To win and win, in this country, in this league, this is my best title I have and the best I will have when I leave.”

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