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City stars salute SpaceX astronaut

City stars salute SpaceX astronaut
City supporters have always been rightly revered for being out of this world – but in Col. Doug Hurley’s case that is now quite literally the case!

The American NASA astronaut – and big Manchester City fan – along with Col. Bob Behnken is currently orbiting more than 420km above the Earth aboard the International Space Station.

The pair blasted off from Cape Kennedy on Saturday on board the NASA SpaceX Crew Dragon on a historic first manned mission launched into space from American soil in nine years following the retirement of the US space shuttle fleet.

And accompanying Col. Hurley as he roared skywards from the Florida coast line was a special good luck message from a trio of City players in recognition of his support for the Club.

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Our Portuguese midfielder Bernardo Silva led the message, saying: “Hello Colonel Hurley. Good luck with SpaceX and Nasa’s launch America. And thank you very much for your support of Manchester City. Stay safe and good luck."

Bernardo’s midfield colleague Ilkay Gundogan also offered up words of encouragement, adding: “Hi Colonel Hurley. Good luck with SpaceX and NASA’s launch America and thanks for your own support of Man City.

“I wish you and the team every success. Stay safe.”

And the message ended with some warm words from Kevin De Bruyne as well.

“Hi Colonel Hurley. We want to wish you good luck with SpaceX. All the best regards from Manchester City and me personally,” said KDB.

With Saturday’s launch having gone flawlessly, Col. Hurley and his colleague made more worldwide headlines yesterday when their SpaceX Crew Dragon craft successfully docked with the International Space Station where they are now safely on board.


The pair linked up with the American and Russian astronauts already on board the ISS where they will be conducting science experiments as well as gathering feedback to provide to NASA and SpaceX engineers once they return to Earth.

The length of Col. Hurley's and Col. Behnken's stay aboard the 420km-high ISS is not yet certain but they could be on board for as much as four months.

Everyone at Manchester City sends Col. Hurley and Col. Behnken their very best wishes for the remainder of their mission.

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