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Five things we learned from 'Together: Champions Again!' - Episode Four

The fourth episode of the City Studios documentary on last season's Premier League title success is here, and it's another one packed full of secrets.

Our cameras were embedded with Pep Guardiola's squad for the entirety of the 2021/22 campaign, leading to this seven part series.

The first three episodes are available to watch on CITY+ and our official Recast channel, while the fourth instalment will be available at both locations at 18:00 BST today.

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This week takes us from the packed Christmas period until the winter break. Over that time, we win four and draw one in the Premier League, including tense clashes with Arsenal and Chelsea.

Here’s what we learned about events away from the pitch…

Begiristain and Berrada discuss wage structure

Towards the end of the episode, we see Director of Football Txiki Begiristain and Chief Football Operations Officer Omar Berrada meet deep in the CFA offices for a discussion about the Club’s place in the world of football.

There they cover players around Europe who are running down their contracts in order to leave their current club, and how our annual outgoings in terms of wages compares with the other major clubs on the continent.

Berrada states that City remain around 60% of revenue, which he suggests is the level required to maintain a sustainable club.

Seeing two men so heavily involved in building our squad talk through the reasons these decisions are made is truly fascinating.

Fernandinho helps Cancelo

Between Christmas and New Year, Joao Cancelo’s home was burgled leaving the Portuguese defender, his partner and his two-year-old daughter in shock.

In this episode, we see Fernandinho describe the moment Joao called him immediately after the attack and Joao recount the experience from his side.

Our former captain immediately went around to his team-mates’ house, something Joao says made him respect Fernandinho even more.

The full-back showed tremendous fortitude when he declared himself fit for the New Year’s Day meeting with Arsenal just a few days later.

Together: Champions Again! - Episode Three

Walker’s speech

Kyle Walker was given some time off in December after the death of his close friend Dom Yarwood.

“Dom was a big part of my life, since the age of 19” said the 32-year-old.

“I went down to Tottenham to watch Kyle Naughton in a reserve team game at Billericay and from that moment on, he was a part of my life every day.”

He returned to the team ahead of that New Year’s Day meeting with Arsenal at the Emirates Stadium and delivered an emotional speech to his team-mates and the backroom staff.

Everyone in the group was visibly moved by Walker’s talk, who remained on the bench as we won the following day.

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Advice for Ederson

For players who are used to high pressure situations, time with their family is the perfect way to relax.

In this episode we see Kevin De Bruyne play tag and pretend to be the Grinch for his sons. However, it’s Ederson’s home life that many City fans will resonate with.

Before he leaves for a match, his wife gives him one tip on an aspect of his game that often leaves City fans with their heart in their mouth.

“Don’t wait for your opponent to get too close before you touch the ball”

Bernardo the 'king'?

Keeping at the top of your game technically isn’t just about the work you do on the grass, it requires constant time with the ball under your control.

One way City players like to do this is by playing a cross between football and table tennis that tests the reflexes and close control like nothing else – similar to Teqball but played on a flat, not curved, table.

In this episode we see two of the best technicians in a highly skilled City squad go head-to-head in front of most of their peers.

Challenging Bernardo Silva to a duel, Jack Grealish says that the playmaker isn’t as good at the game as his reputation amongst the squad would have you believe.

When they get down to it, it’s a close battle. But who won? You will have to watch to find out…

The first three episodes are available to watch on CITY+ and our official Recast channel, while the fourth instalment will be available at both locations at 18:00 BST today.