Aymeric Laporte says the 5,850 City fans who will be cheering the team on in the Champions League final on Saturday can help push the team to a first Champions League triumph.

The Spain international believes the pressure of having supporters back in stadiums gives players a different edge – and one that could make all the difference against Chelsea.

“It’s something special to play in the final,” said Laporte.

“It’s true that to have played without fans, it’s very different: you feel a lot less pressure.


“So, it’s something different and you can feel it on the pitch. It’s very different; I want our fans to be there as well as the other team’s.

“That’s football. Pressure exists all the time, so you need it. In the bad moments, the good moments, it’s like that. The fans can push you and that’s why we want them there.”

Laporte, who has been included in the Spain squad for Euro 2020 after having his application to switch nationalities was approved, says this will be a new experience for the majority of the City squad and doesn’t know what to expect.

“It’s different because it’s a different final from the ones we’ve played in over the last few years,” he said.

“We’ve never played in a Champions League final, so it’s something new and we will try to do everything to win this title as well.

The thing we want the most is to win the trophy and to come back here with the trophy in our hands.”

Laporte, who will celebrate his 27th birthday on Thursday, is in his fourth season with the Club after joining from Athletic Bilboa in January 2018, has already won eight trophies with City.

He has made 20 Champions League appearances during that time, scoring two goals.

“I’ve scored a couple of times in the Champions League, all of them were so good for me,” he smiled.

“ I have very good memories of these goals and I was happy to score them.

“These are the most important moments for me. This season, I think one of our best games was against PSG.

“I didn’t play, so it’s a bit different but I liked the game against PSG because they were one of the favourites in the Champions League and it was a big game, a tough test, with good players up front. I was happy we won that game.”

Laporte also admits Phil Foden’s continued progress this season makes him one, if not the best players in Europe.

He is hoping the 20 year-old can cam and incredible season with a Champions League winner’s medal.

“With so many things this year, he’s shown a different level to years gone by.

“I think he’s grown up and he’s a real player, a very good player, a talented player. He can show many, many things.

“He’s different and I think he’s been the best young player in the Champions League this season.

“I think he’s so good because, to play here in this team, is very difficult; there are a lot of top players from around the world and everyone plays for the international team where they’re from.

“There are a lot of people, a lot of players, doing well and he’s shown from the beginning that he was different in the way he attacks, in the way he takes the ball.

“And he’s improving in every area and he’s doing better and we are happy to see a guy like him, doing these kinds of things for us.”