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Women's World Cup: Image of the day

LAYING DOWN THE LORE: Manager Nualphan Lamsam gives instructions to the Thailand players in a team huddle prior to the 2019 Women's World Cup  group F match with Sweden
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It has been a tough start to the 2019 Women's World Cup for Thailand but the nation's players and staff have endeared themselves to everyone with their passionate, joyful approach to the tournament.

Back in action for their second Group F match against Sweden after a sobering 13-0 loss to the USA in their opener, the Asian side came out in determined manner.

Before kick-off manager Nualphan LamsamIt gave an impassioned on-field speech to her squad.

And the players took her words on board as, despite going down to a second defeat, losing 5-1, they produced a much-improved display and did have the distinction of scoring their country's first-ever World Cup goal through skipper Kanjana Sung-Ngoen to help put a smile on everyone's face at the Stade de Nice and beyond.

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