Sergio Aguero says City’s continued learning in the Champions League will pay dividends sooner rather than later.

The Blues’ record goal-scorer admits the Champions League is the one major success missing from his CV and that he’d love to bring Europe’s most coveted club trophy back to the Etihad.

Victory over Atalanta on Wednesday would guarantee the Blues’ passage to the Round of 16 with two games still to play and Aguero believes City, who have reached the quarter-final twice and semi-final once, are improving with each European campaign.

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“So far, it’s the one thing I haven’t won with City,” said Aguero.

                        13 AND COUNTING : Kun on the mark yet again versus Saints
13 AND COUNTING : Kun on the mark yet again versus Saints

“We’ll keep up the fight. All of these years have been a learning experience and we intend to continue that this season.

“City hadn’t been able to participate in Europe it for quite some time, and now we are able to be a challenge every season.

“Each campaign, we acquire more experience. Of course, I’d be very happy to win the Champions League with City and I really hope it’s on the cards.”

The Blues are trying for a third successive Premier League title this year and Aguero believes it is possible to win both the league and Champions League in the same season – though it is a huge task for any English club.

“Both are different competitions, and they are both great challenges,” he said.

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“I’ve always said, the Premier League is the most competitive national tournament of them all, and if you intend to win it, you need to keep a steady stride, so to speak.

“For the past two years, we’ve been able to conquer it in different ways - once, with a generous lead over our nearest challengers and once with the bare minimum of breathing room!

“The last season proved just how tough a challenge it is. Perhaps right now it’s hard to absorb what we’ve achieved domestically over the past few years, but as time goes on, it will become clearer.

“These are some of the reasons why it’s hard to win the Premier League and the Champion League.

“For the Premier League, consistency throughout a long period of time is required, though you have some margin to recover from a setback.

“The Champions League doesn’t offer that - and it’s even less forgiving in the knock-out stages, as the decisive factor for each round can come down to technicalities and the rub of the green.

“Our last experience against Tottenham is a testament to that.”