Pep Guardiola has highlighted the crucial importance of Vincent Kompany to the Club’s cause – both on and off the pitch.

The 32-year-old Belgian central defender has long cemented himself as a City legend, having led the Club to unprecedented success in his 10 and a half years at the Etihad since joining the Blues from Hamburg in the summer of 2008.

A colossus on the field with his intelligence and game management mirrored by a fierce warrior spirit, Kompany has also emerged as a key figure away from the pitch.

Kompany’s contract expires in the summer with the Club and Vincent expected to hold talks over his future.

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But looking to the long-term, the City boss revealed he was keen for utilise Kompany’s experience and see him take up an off-field role at the Club.  

“I would like to (keep him at the Club),” said Pep.

“He has something special in many, many things. To represent this club in best way. 

“Personality both on and off the pitch, he speaks six or seven languages so can communicate well.

“We need people for what they have done in the past to help the new players from the next generation. He helped us build the club we have now.”

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As to the issue of a prospective new contract, Guardiola said talks would determine what was the best way forward for both player and Club.

And he said that in reaching a conclusion, many factors would come into play.

“I think it’s an issue we have to speak to with Vincent,” added Pep. “We don’t have any doubts about his quality.

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“We miss him when he isn’t able to play, he is our captain and, on the field, he gives us something extra that few centre-backs around the world can give us.

“He’s incredible, but the reality is in the last five years he has played few games.

“That is the situation - we will put on the table with the club. We will discuss with his agent and work out what is best solution for both.

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“The sentimental issue is so important – he has been here a long time and he helped us build what we have right now. For the new people who came after we take it. No, we can’t forget that.

“I don't like clubs to say OK it’s done, go, but at the same time there is one moment when it’s over.

“It’s not my decision, like him, like with Sergio, David always to be together with the club.

“I’ve spoken to him many times about the reality of how we can help. But it’s his decision with the club and his agent. I’m not involved, I just give my opinion.”