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Silva 267: What they said

SILVA 267: What they said...
David Silva has now made more Premier League appearances for the Club than any other player, after making his 267th top flight run-out against Wolves on Monday night.

Silva, 32, has made one more than Joe Hart who is now second on the list.

During his time at City, Silva has assisted 77 goals – more than any other player in that period – been involved in 131 and scored 54, and tops the list of successful passes (14,253) and chances created (710).

To celebrate this significant milestone, we have put together a number of quotes and thoughts from journalists and El Mago’s peers…

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Pep Guardiola

"He's one of the best players I've trained. I've had a lot at Barca and Bayern but he's on that list.

“I love players who make a step forward in the bad moments and say 'OK I'm here guys'."

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“He is one of the most incredible players in the world at playing in the pockets. He is maybe the strongest in the world in those spaces. We try to attack those spaces: he is a master of it. Few players can do it.”

Vincent Kompany

"Quite simply David Silva is the wizard. He knows which pass to pick. As much quality as we have in the team, there is only David that can pick certain passes and I think he sets the tone with that. I can't only say that he has been performing well this season, he has been performing well since he joined the club. It is incredible to see his ability and make what is the hardest pass in football, that last pass."

Colin Bell

"When he’s on the ball, he makes the whole team tick and we don’t look the same side without him. He has an incredible awareness and is the perfect player for the modern game."

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Rory Smith - New York Times

"Silva has — not uniquely, but more than most — changed the way the Premier League sees itself; he has played a role in ending the tyranny of the powerhouse. He has not just helped to define and refine the playing style with which City is now synonymous, but proved that small, technical players can thrive in England."

Jamie Carragher

"We are talking about a player who goes alongside yourself [Thierry Henry], Dennis Bergkamp, Eric Cantona. All these greats that we've had in Premier League history. He is one of the greatest we've ever had. I mentioned City's greatest ever player, older fans may say Colin Bell, I don't know. But David Silva, he's the greatest."

Richard Jolly - ESPN

"He has been the Premier League's player of the decade, the best player of the 2010s."

Roberto Mancini

"If he had gone to Barcelona, everyone would be saying he is one of the best players in the world."

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Kyle Walker

"As a teammate, [David Silva] is fantastic. He’s not the most vocal person but he lets his football to do the talking – that’s what sets him apart from the rest of us. He’s an example to all of us – both on and off the pitch. He's a pleasure to play with and a nightmare to play against!"

John Stones

"I’d pay a lot of money to watch him play for the rest of his life. Some of the stuff he does, how he moves with the ball and the appreciation when he takes its first touch, he’s just a silky player. If you could watch him in training as well and how he is and his whole demeanour, how he is as a person – it excels him and how much you like him."

Luis Enrique

"As a player he’s unique. He’s an emblem of the national team for what he’s achieved. You never heard a bad word about him."

David Villa

"It was a pleasure to play alongside him, both for the national team and for Valencia. For me, he’s one of the best players in the last ten years in Spain. He’s an amazing talent – when we played together for Spain, he played much of the time behind me and he gave me a lot of chances on goal. He helped me a lot with the finishing and it was a real, real pleasure to play with him."

Santi Cazorla

"The master."

Gary Neville

"I can’t think of many players from a rival club that have been a credit to the game on and off the pitch as much as David Silva. Immersed himself in the city, never complains, always plays and performs brilliantly."

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