John Stones believes pressure brings out the best in City.

The defending Premier League champions go into Wednesday’s Champions League second leg 1-0 down with a semi-final place at stake.

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City will need to win by two goals to progress against the North London side – or at least by 1-0 to take the tie to penalties, but whatever the scenario, Stones says the players are ready for the challenge.

“Vincent Kompany made a good point before Palace where these sorts of moments as players it brings out the best in us and we need to trust in ourselves,” said Stones.

“In the Premier League, we have got five games left, everything to play for and we’ve got to keep believing and enjoying the pressure.

“Personally, you get the best out of yourself when you’re under scrutiny.

                        STONES : In action against Lyon
STONES : In action against Lyon

“You find within yourself who you are and what the players around you have inside them.

“To be in big games and fighting for everything is a privileged position to be in. we have to take every opportunity and every moment. Tomorrow is a big one for us. We need to be fully prepared.

“We need to roll with it and believe in ourselves.”

Stones admitted he didn’t know if he will start against Tottenham but added he will be ready and raring to go if called upon.

“I’m not sure yet if I will start - nobody knows,” he said.

“After the first game, it was obvious we didn’t want to come away from with a defeat, but there’s still everything to play for - everything.

“One goal and we go from there. That’s how we approach the game and it’s so close.

“One goal back at the Etihad tomorrow on what is a massive occasion and one we are looking forward to.

“Winning this competition is something we are all dreaming of and all want to achieve as a club, players and everyone at Manchester City.

“The Premier League is one we play week in week out for 38 games.

“They’re both so important in terms of our history as a club, but yeah, it’s one of those questions where the amount of games and prestige of Champions League is something we’ve not got.

“It’s something we’re fighting every day for. If you don’t dream big and believe in yourself, teammates, staff you won’t get anywhere near it.

“It comes from within everyone that we have a dream and ambition to do it. Like last season; 100 points – it has never been done before. We won league early and still went on to fight for 100 points. So, we go in with that mentality again.

“Everyone knows how big the game is and how important it is to us as a Club.

“We are playing a great team. We have opportunity to make a bit of history, a semi-final for the second time. Everyone knows our style of play, how we put 100 percent into everything, how driven we are.

“Spurs have a strong squad. We can’t concentrate too much on who is playing.

“Last time we had a game-plan and we stuck to it. We reviewed it as a team, and we have looked back and found a lot of problems.

“To say Harry Kane or Dele Alli might not be playing, we can’t concentrate on that, what we do best is focus on us, play right way and focus on us.

“Everyone is together, no matter what the situation, even injured players. It’s down to us to perform and show what we can do.”