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Happy Christmas from Bert!

One of this year’s biggest From the Archives successes was ‘Bert Trautmann’s Scrapbook’ – so here’s a seasonal follow-up.

Charlie McGhee became friends with Bert during Bert’s playing career at City.

Charlie’s dad was a doctor who had seen Bert and it was through this connection that Charlie was first introduced.

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Charlie went on to compile a fantastic scrapbook and Bert would remain friends with him throughout his life.

They were pen pals and tried to see each other as much as they could when they were in the same place.

Sadly, Charlie passed away, a few years before Bert did in 2012.

Of course, Charlie was a huge City fans and his children (who have kindly shared loaned the material to the Club) have carried on the family tradition - though Charlie was the biggest fanatic of them all!

The Christmas card was signed by Bert and, uniquely, could be played on a record player where the festive message could then be heard.

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