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Talking Points: Pep's first press conference

TALKING POINTS: Five things we learned from Pep's first presser

TALKING POINTS: Five things we learned from Pep's first presser

There was standing room only in City Football Academy’s press conference room on Friday afternoon as Pep Guardiola fielded questions from the assembled media for the first time as City boss.

Here, @markbooth_mcfc picks out five things we learned from an illuminating briefing…

1 Fasten Your Seatbelts

Echoing the words he used in his first Barcelona press conference (and adapting them for UK road users), Pep told supporters to “fasten your seatbelts… from the other side.”

It was a quip that got Guardiola off to a lighthearted start in this his first press conference as City boss as he fielded questions on his reasons for coming to the club, his first impressions and how he sees the competition unfolding.

Pep’s considered approach to this first media briefing came over well as he flicked between languages and gave considered, unrehearsed answers on a myriad of subjects, speaking most expressively on the topic of tactics and what he hopes to learn about the English game.

It was a fascinating watch as one of world football’s greatest footballing minds opened up on his reasons for joining City.

2 City Football Academy

"This place is amazing. The best place for young players to improve their skills. Whether we play good or bad it won't be the facilities."

Pep could hardly have been any more effusive in his praise for the facilities he finds in his new place of work.

Coming from a man who has worked at FC Barcelona and Bayern Munich, it’s a huge compliment to City Football Academy and those who made it the footballing facility it is today.

3 Youngsters Impressing

With the players who took part in the Euros and Copa America still away on their holidays, Pep has had the opportunity to work with a number of the club’s Elite Development Squad players in his first week on the job.

It’s fair to say that he’s pleased by what he’s seen, with Guardiola remarking: "I love to work with young players and now I realise in a short time working with players from the second team, I'm really impressed."

Now the question is: How many of them (and who) will he take to China when the team departs in 12 days?


EL SENOR: Guardiola enjoys his first full stadium tour


4 Players Only Focus

At FC Barcelona, Pep Guardiola fulfilled a number of roles which went beyond just training the squad.

It’s for this reason he took a year-long sabbatical before taking the reins at Bayern, to recover from those exertions - here in Manchester, Pep confirmed that he will focus solely on improving the players he has at his disposal.

"My responsibility here is for the players only,” he said. “The club’s other business is huge as it grows and grows so I just focus on my players."


Whether or not the Premier League has the best players or not is a debate for another day.

One thing’s for sure though: No other league in the world boasts so many of the globe’s top coaches.

Guardiola admitted he is looking forward to facing off against the likes of Antonio Conte, Jurgen Klopp, Jose Mourinho, Ronald Koeman et al as it “pushes him to another level”.

However, Pep also emphasised that the fans do not come to the stadiums to watch the men in the dugout.

Still, we are in for one fascinating season – on and off the pitch!

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Gallery: Pep's first press conference

First Team News

Guardiola: "Fasten your seatbelts!"

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Pep Guardiola addressed the massed ranks of journalists at his first press conference and told them he is here to “make the fans proud."

When asked if he would say the same thing he said at his first press conference for Barcelona and that everyone should fasten their seatbelts, he replied, “Yes, we should fasten our seatbelts but of course it should be on the other side!”

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