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Guardiola: "Fasten your seatbelts!"

CONFERENCE CALL: Pep Guardiola faced the media on Friday

CONFERENCE CALL: Pep Guardiola faced the media on Friday

Pep Guardiola addressed the massed ranks of journalists at his first press conference and told them he is here to “make the fans proud."

The City boss said: “I just arrived 10 days ago and we are going to try and do our best for our people, our fans and our players and make everyone proud. I want them to be proud of what we do and what they see."

Asked about transfer activity he said: “All the clubs in the world want to improve and we are no different - but here is not the place to speak about that out of respect for players and other clubs.

“We want to improve the squad a little bit but we will see. I am here to prove myself. It would have been comfortable to stay where I was but I feel this is the right moment to move here.

“I know how difficult it is in England to win four five or six games in a row so that is our challenge. Maybe we’re not going to win every game but we are going to try and we will do our best.

“This is a challenge, but that’s why I’m here – to prove you can play the sort of football I like my teams to play and be successful in the Premier League.

“It would have been comfortable to stay where I was but I feel this is the right moment to move here."

On the CFA and the Club's young talent he commented: "This place is amazing. The best place for young players to improve skills. Whether we play good or bad it won't be the facilities.

“I love to work with the young players – at Barca I was lucky enough to work with the best player in the world and with second and third teams and I knew them all very well.

“Now I realise in a short time working with players from the second team, I'm really impressed. I think City and Chelsea have the best academies in England.”

As for the current first team squad, he said: “My role here is simple – to focus on the players we have in our hands and what they have to do out on the pitch."

Commenting in response to questions on the current squad, starting with Yaya Toure, he said: “I’ve known Yaya for a long time – he did very well at Barca and City. My next challenge is to get the very best out of Yaya, but that applies to everyone

“My dream for Vincent Kompany is to be fit – he is a magnificent central defender and I want him to return in top condition.

“I am also looking forward to helping Raheem Sterling and helping him to find his best form – I want to work with more English players but they are so expensive!"

Guardiola admitted the challenge of the Premier League was hard to resist. saying: "I think coaches have to prove sooner or later that they can do it in the Premier League and Manchester City have given me that chance – I will be forever grateful for that opportunity."

As for Jose Mourinho at Manchester United and the inevitable questions from journalists, he said: “We are both focused on our clubs – it is so tough to win games here but that is what really matters. We have played against each other many times, just as I have played many times against Jurgen Klopp. Some of the best coaches are in England now and challenging against coaches of this quality makes me a better coach.

“I’ll need time to discover what style of football is here – some say it is more physical but we will see – it can condition the way you play as a team

“At the end of the day we depend upon the players and they depend upon us as well – you have to adapt to the country you’re in – I need to get to know the players as well and it is a case of trying to maintain the level that’s been set at this club by Roberto Mancini and Manuel Pellegrini.

“I have coaches with me who know the Premier League very well in Brian Kidd and Mikel Arteta, but who know English football inside out as well.

“Hopefully we’ll play well, win games and the fans are happy – it’s too early to say how things will pan out, but I have big expectations.”

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Antoine Griezmann gave the hosts the lead from the penalty spot on the stroke of half-time and he scored again with 20 minutes remaining to book a meeting with Portugal on Sunday evening.

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