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Team Aguero versus Team Villa in New York

Sergio Aguero v David Villa: the rematch…

Remember last February when Sergio met David at the CFA? The pair went head to head in a series of challenges and tested their skills against the crossbar, from the corner flag and even tried their hands at a blind penalty shootout. 

You can still watch all three challenges on our YouTube channel. 

After winning the final two tasks, the Golden Boot winner immediately declared he wanted to go again – only this time with an invitation to New York into the bargain. 

The Big Apple was the perfect backdrop to resume battle, but this time they’ve brought some teammates along…

Team Aguero has been bolstered by Martin Demichelis and Pablo Zabaleta, while Team Villa added NYCFC stars Khiry Shelton and Mix Diskerud to the ranks.

Under the watchful eye of the CityTV cameras, the two teams battled it out in tests requiring skill, precision and the odd slice of luck for the right to be named Challenge Champions.

Watch the teaser:

The full challenges will be coming soon to mcfc.co.uk so keep your eyes peeled to see which team took home the crown...

First Team News

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First Team News

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