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15 Minutes: Jack Rodwell

In our occasional series, we ask a player a set of questions all based around 15 minutes - this time, it's Jack Rodwell's turn...

If you could hold a conversation on the phone with anybody for 15 minutes, who would it be?

I’d have to say my older brother. I always ask him for advice. He’s a good listener and he’s quite smart and he always gives me good life advice. 

We’ve grown up together, so he knows me inside out and he knows what I’ll be feeling at what time, so definitely him.

If you could spend 15 minutes with anybody, dead or alive, who would you pick?

Probably my grandparents. I did meet them, but I was too young to know them - on both sides of my family.

Just to spend 15 minutes with all of them sat at a table would be great, just to get to know them a little bit.

If you could spend 15 minutes anywhere in the world where would you pick?

New York! It’s my favourite city and it’s where I proposed to my girlfriend, so it’s a very special place for me.

What has been the worst 15 minutes of your life so far?

I’d have to add up all the minutes where I’ve gotten injured, so that would probably come to about 15 minutes with the amount of injuries I’ve had.

What has been the best 15 minutes of your life so far?

All my debuts have been amazing, but I would probably have to say my England debut last season when I played against Spain in a friendly at Wembley.

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What do you do 15 minutes before a match?

I start putting my boots and shin pads on, just start to get focused and drink all my drinks. Then I just get ready to go out and do a few stretches on my own in the changing room.

What do you generally do during the 15 minutes of half time?

I usually change my top as I will have sweated a lot! Then I just sit down and chill out and speak to whoever I want to speak with and go over any issues. 

Then I’ll have a drink and just wait for the manager to come and speak to us. I just try to chill out as much as possible really and relax really.

What do you do during the 15 minutes after the game has finished?

I check my phone to see who has been in touch with me. I always take it easy after a game, slowly take my boots and shin pads off and after about 15 minutes I take a shower and wind down. 

I don’t like to take a shower straight away, I like to take my time and take it all in – take the game in.

Where could you be if you drove 15 minutes from your house?

I would probably be in Wimslow or Alderley Edge town centre.

If you had to watch 15 minutes of any film over and over again, which would it be?

The final scene of Gladiator, it’s one of my favourite films. It’s very sad because he dies, but he gets to see his family again, which is great.


If you could wipe 15 minutes off history, which would you choose?

Probably the moment John Lennon was shot. I would love him to still be alive to see what he would have come up with.

Andy Warhol once said that everybody is famous for 15 minutes. What has been your most famous 15 minutes so far?

Probably scoring against Man United when I was 17 or 18. I wasn’t very well known then, but when I scored I was on Sky TV, so I got hundreds of text messages after that!

If you only had 15 minutes before the world ended, what would you do?

I would just get all my family together and have one last supper with everyone!

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