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Shaun Wright-Phillips and Premier League trophy visit Young Leaders in Mumbai

Shaun Wright-Phillips and the Premier League Trophy paid a special visit on Wednesday to Rana Pratap School in Mumbai to meet local Cityzens Giving young leaders who are using the power of football to educate children on the importance of clean drinking water and safe handwashing practices.

In Mumbai, many communities face issues around basic hygiene and water pollution. Poor personal hygiene and awareness affect children with water-borne diseases, leading to absenteeism from school.

As well as using the unique power of football to engage children with key hygiene messages, the project has benefitted from the expertise of leading global water technology company, Xylem, and their local partner Planet Water Foundation, through the installation of a water filtration tower at Rana Pratap School which provides clean drinking water for up to 1,800 people per day.

Wright-Phillips took part in football-based water education games and a traditional cultural dance, engaged in a Q&A with young leaders and children, and spent time learning about the project.

WATCH: Cityzens Giving | Shaun Wright-Phillips in Mumbai

Reflecting on his experience, Wright-Phillips said: “It was a humbling experience to meet young leaders who are dedicated to solving water challenges in their community. Football is a powerful tool to engage and educate young people and combined with the clean water tower, the impact is life-changing.”

Varsha, a young leader with Magic Bus India Foundation in Mumbai, said: “I am very happy with the impact we are having with this project.

"These children now have access to clean water and vital knowledge on water, sanitation and hygiene which can help them make changes to have a better life.

"Having the chance today to meet Shaun Wright-Phillips and see the Premier League Trophy was amazing and a motivation for me to keep making a positive difference.”

The project Wright-Phillips visited stems from City’s water-inspired PUMA away kit this season which celebrates football as a force for good.

“Xylem’s business and mission are the same – solving big water challenges for communities around the world. The water filtration tower at the Rana Pratap school in Mumbai is already transforming water access for the community, and that’s been made possible with the close collaboration of Planet Water and our colleagues on the ground,” said Austin Alexander, Vice President, Sustainability and Social Impact at Xylem.

“But you need more than technology. You also need education to help communities become water-secure.

"In our partnership with Manchester City Football Club, we educate students on the importance of hygiene and clean water from a young age – creating that long-term ripple effect for the community.”

Matthias Baeumer, General Manager BU Teamsport at PUMA said: “We’re very proud of this unique collaboration as part of Manchester City’s away kit, which uses a special Dope Dye manufacturing process to drastically reduce the amount of water and dye used for production.

"The initiative has already made a real impact on people’s lives across the globe and it’s fantastic that we’ve been able to be part of this latest activity bringing Shaun Wright-Phillips and the Premier League Trophy to Mumbai to raise awareness of the inspiring work young leaders are doing in the local community.”

During the visit to India, Wright-Phillips and the Premier League Trophy also visited Cityzens Giving’s football and safe water project in Bangalore, supported by Xylem, which since January 2019 has positively impacted more than 12,000 young people.

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