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Malaysia gets second Official Supporters Club branch

Malaysia gets second Official Supporters Club branch
Selangor in Malaysia is the latest location to get a Manchester City Official Supporters Club branch.

Their affiliation was confirmed in November 2020 and they follow in the footsteps of the Kuala Lumpur branch to become the second Official Supporters Club in the Southeast Asian country.


Based on the west coast of Malaysia, Selangor currently has 12 members and was formed out of a desire to create a community of people who love football and City.

The original members have been meeting since 2009 and in October 2019, 10 of the group travelled to Jakarta for the Indonesian leg of the Manchester City Trophy Tour, presented by Etihad Airways.

Chairperson Taleeb believes in the unifying power of the beautiful game and hopes the Club he loves will one day visit Malaysia.

“Our main purpose is to create a community who gather together for the sake of passion towards football,” he said.

                        Malaysia gets second Official Supporters Club branch

“We also want to encourage more people to understand football and we believe that football is a unity tool between all ages and races.

“We want to have a like-minded group of City fans and football fans across Malaysia.

“We joined the trophy tour last season in Jakarta and we really hope that maybe in future, City will come to Malaysia for a trophy tour or an Official Supporters Club event that we can participate in!”

The Selangor branch take part in a number of activities to connect with other football fans and City supporters within Malaysia, including live matchday viewing parties and organising futsal games with other areas of the country.

They also have their own fantasy football league in which all Malaysian City supporters are welcome to participate.

To find out more about Manchester City’s Selangor Official Supporters Club, or your local supporters club, visit

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