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Nairobi Official Supporters Club support local hospital

Charitable giving has long been a key pillar of the Nairobi branch of Manchester City’s Official Supporters Club.

Since 2018 their fundraising activities have supported children’s homes in Kenya’s capital city.

Twelve months ago, they raised £500 to purchase everyday essentials for a struggling organisation and, in 2021, they have continued to lend a helping hand to those in need.

This year, the branch expanded their charity initiative, making the 122-mile journey to Nakuru County to support the children’s wing at Naivasha Level 5 County Hospital.

The branch travelled armed with toys, stationary, reading and writing materials and sanitary products to donate to the children and their parents, which they had purchased with the £400 they had raised between themselves.

60 members attended the hospital and, afterwards, a friendly football match was arranged with local team Naivasha Sites FC, though inclement weather sadly prevented it from being completed.

“There was immense gratitude on the children’s faces as we interacted, shared our gifts and gave them hope for a better future,” said Daniel Nzuki, branch General Secretary.

“Since 2018, the Nairobi branch of the Official Supporters Club has supported the community, and especially children, through charitable activities.

“This is inspired by City's giving spirit and the use of football as an avenue for bringing people together.

“In the future, we intend to continue undertaking such projects in a bid to empower the children and youth in the society, and help those less fortunate to the best of our ability.

“Manchester City projects motivate us to also bring change to our community here. We stand proud to be part of the Manchester City community.”

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