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Cityzens Giving Young Leaders summit: Day three recap

Day three of the 2021 Cityzens Giving Young Leaders Summit, presented by Etihad Airways, focused on the importance of mental wellbeing.

Young Leaders around the world took part in live interactive discussions on mental health with City in the Community coaches – looking at the importance of mental as well as physical health, and top tips and methods for young leaders to protect their own mental wellbeing and to support participants on their programmes.

Jason El-Kaleh, Community Outreach Officer – Mental Health at CITC said: “Here in Manchester we’re focused on tackling the stigma around mental health issues and conversations.

"We’re trying to get across the message that mental health is just as important as physical health when engaging with young people on our programmes.

“For me it’s about creating a positive environment, an environment that normalises talking about mental wellbeing, enabling us to talk openly and positively about sharing how we’re feeling.”

Jewel, a Young Leader with DC Scores in Washington DC, joined the panel to share her experiences of allowing young people to express themselves.

She said: “We provide a free after-school soccer and poetry programme for local kids here in DC, giving them the chance to physically express themselves and also to write down their thoughts and express them through the medium of poetry.

"Whether it’s on the field or in poetry, we want the kids to be their 100% self, to give them a safe space to express themselves, with a support system in place for us to help and listen.”

As well as the live discussions, young leaders voted on award winners in our new Young Leader Awards (stay tuned!) and took part in fun interactive games over Webex by Cisco, allowing them to connect and collaborate with their peers around the world.

The Young Leaders Summit continues today with a focus on football and female empowerment. Check back tomorrow to find out more.

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