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The story behind City’s water-inspired away kit

The story behind City’s water-inspired away kit
As City prepare for Wednesday's away fixture against Aston Villa, we take another look at this year’s water-inspired PUMA away kit which celebrates football as a force for good.

Produced with a special Dope Dye manufacturing process to reduce water consumption, the kit pays tribute to a unique partnership between PUMA, the Club’s global charity initiative, Cityzens Giving, and Official Water Technology Partner Xylem, supporting a network of football and safe water programmes around the world.

1 in 3 people globally do not have access to clean drinking water. Without reliable access to safe water, it is difficult for communities to thrive.

This global programme seeks to address these challenges in unique ways, combining football-based education on water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH), with Xylem water technology to provide clean water access for communities in need.

WATCH: City's water inspired away kit

In addition to funding, the projects are benefitting from bespoke training for young people in leadership and community football from Manchester City coaches, special PUMA kit and equipment drops, and the expertise of leading global water technology company Xylem, to deliver innovative solutions to local water challenges.

The programme kicked off in July with the creation of a clean water tower in Mumbai, producing a safe and long-term supply of fresh drinking water for 1,800 people per day.

Stay tuned tomorrow as we share what’s been happening in São Paulo.

To find out more about water challenges and how you can get involved in your community, visit

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