The Treble Trophy Tour has recently concluded the Brazil leg of its action-packed tour!

Here’s how our five major honours got on in South America...

Salvador: A Blend of Football and Culture 

The Treble Trophy Tour in Brazil was held from January 9-13, and it kicked off in Salvador, a city known for its rich culture and passionate football fans.

The tour began with an iconic photo opportunity at the Elevador Lacerda, a famous landmark that offered a stunning backdrop to the gleaming trophies.

This moment captured the essence of the tour - a blend of football glory with the cultural heartbeat of Brazil. 

Next, the tour moved to an exclusive staff function for Esporte Clube Bahia, one of Salvador’s prominent football clubs.

Here, the staff had a unique opportunity to get up close with the silverware, sharing moments of admiration and inspiration. 

The highlight in Salvador was undoubtedly the fan event for Bahia’s supporters.

Fans, brimming with excitement, queued to take pictures with the trophies. This event not only brought the fans closer to their footballing dreams, but also highlighted the global reach and unity that football brings. 

São Paulo: Football, Charity, and Media 

In São Paulo, the tour’s impact deepened, starting with a heartwarming charity event at Gol de Letra.

Here, members and beneficiaries of the charity got their chance to pose with the trophies, a moment that symbolised hope and the positive influence of football beyond the pitch. 

A unique twist was added to the tour with the trophies making a special appearance on the Portuguese Match Day show.

This integration of the tour into the show brought a thrilling element to the filming session, much to the delight of the viewers. 

The Puma Store event in São Paulo was next, where football enthusiasts gathered to witness the silverware and revel in the festive atmosphere. This event underscored the strong partnership between Manchester City and Puma, showcasing their commitment to bringing football closer to the fans. 

The following day was marked by media engagements, with the trophies visiting the studios of ESPN Brazil and TNT Brazil. These appearances not only highlighted the tour but also gave the media a chance to delve deeper into the stories behind each trophy. 

One of the most notable events in São Paulo was at the British Consulate.

Here, the trophies were displayed for the press, and former City player Elano was interviewed by the British Ambassador.

This event underlined the strong cultural and diplomatic ties between the UK and Brazil, fostered through the universal language of football. 

The supporter’s club football tournament added a competitive edge to the tour. Fans participated enthusiastically, playing in the shadow of the coveted trophies, adding a touch of aspiration to the friendly matches. 

A Thrilling Finale 

A screening event for the match between Manchester City and Newcastle was the perfect gathering in Sao Paulo.

The Sao Paulo Official Supporter Club attended and had their eyes fixed on the screen, as they watched Pep Guardiola‘s side secure a thrilling 3-2 victory.

The trophies, displayed at the venue, added to the excitement, making it a memorable experience for the fans. The opportunity to take pictures with the trophies while celebrating a win was the perfect end to an unforgettable tour. 

To cap off the tour, the trophies were taken to the top of the Martinelli Building, one of São Paulo’s most iconic skyscrapers.

Here, amidst the sprawling cityscape, another historic photo was captured, sealing the tour’s legacy.

This final image, with the city of São Paulo beneath and the sky above, encapsulated the tour’s essence — a journey that not only celebrated footballing success but also embraced the spirit and beauty of Brazil. 

The Manchester City treble trophy tour in Brazil was more than just a display of silverware; it was a celebration of football’s power to unite cultures, inspire communities, and create unforgettable memories. As the tour concluded, it left behind a trail of joy, inspiration, and an ever-growing love for the beautiful game.