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LGBT History Month 2021: Inspirational players and people

As we come to the end of LGBT History Month 2021, Canal Street Blues chairman David Alvarado has been sharing some of the people who have inspired him in his life.

Canal Street Blues (CSB) is an official branch of the Manchester City Supporters Club for LGBTQ fans to socialise before, during and after matches, attending home and away games as a group.

Here are David’s inspirations, both on and off the pitch.

“I first started going to City games in 1994 and at the time I was a very keen goalkeeper and so my first city hero was Tony Coton. I even went to the Tony Coton goalkeeping school at a 5-a-side centre at Ardwick!

“Weirdly, I really liked the 1993/94 goalkeeper shirt and still to this day it's my favourite one. Uwe Rosler was another hero as he was an all action striker that City fans love and played with real passion.

“He also really took to the Club and became part of the family and you just have to see what he called his sons to know how he became one of us. I was lucky enough to meet Tony Coton at the goalkeeper school as well as meeting Uwe in slightly different circumstances.

“One day I turned up at Platt Lane and just asked if Uwe would mind being interviewed by my high school German class. Amazingly, being an absolute gent he said yes and we had a great afternoon.

“Finally, another icon for lots of City fans around my age has to be Shaun Goater. He really was the first proper goal machine we'd seen for years and the impact he had after a start where plenty of City fans were sceptical was magnificent,

“His hunger, work and sheer tenaciousness won our hearts and the goal he scored at Blackburn away in the promotion game made me burst into tears! After all those years of angst and stress all came pouring out and we finally felt on our way back up again.

“Again, like Uwe, the Goat was another that really seemed to 'get' us and I absolutely LOVE seeing his passion for the Club still today when commentating or being a pundit.

“I'm only allowed three so decided that I really couldn't split any of the modern day heroes such as Kun, David Silva. Yaya or Vinny....with a big shout to our Phil who was born around the corner from where I grew up in Stockport so is living my dream!

“In terms of personal heroes, I'm not the sort of person that takes much interest in celebrities or puts famous people on a pedestal, so my non-footballing heroes would be my family and friends, particularly my Grandad who is no longer with us but really inspired my love for City and took me to games as I grew up.

“All of them have all contributed in their own way to who I am today whether helping me get my dream job or being there at various points in life. I've got two wonderful nieces that I can't wait to take back to the Etihad and I love that my youngest niece's first ever City game was the women’s' derby against United in shows how the game and Club has progressed and hopefully one day one of my nieces will be playing in that game and they'll be a City hero too!

“I've shared a few photos. The best one is probably the one with the CSB members in front of the four trophies in December 2019. We were lucky enough to have all four trophies visit our home at Bar Pop on Canal Street. A fantastic day all round.”

CSB does some fantastic work with the Club and #FootballvHomophobia on LGBTQ footballing issues and equality campaigns.

Canal Street Blues is open to all City Fans who support their aims and is family friendly..  or email [email protected] @canalstblues