New Fortnite signing Joshua ‘Cold’ Butler says he cannot wait to represent Man City Esports but is trying not put too much pressure on himself as he looks to claim another FNCS trophy.

Cold, alongside his duo Acorn, were crowned the Chapter 4 Season 1 FNCS champions in a nail-biting final.

But despite his success and being regarded as one of the most exciting young talents in the Pro scene, Cold couldn’t believe he was joining Man City Esports.

“When City first reached out to me, I just couldn’t believe it,” said Cold.  

“I was startled and just thought ‘no way no way, Man City want to sign me!’.  


“It’s been a long process to get to this day but I’m so excited to represent the organisation and seeing what we can achieve together.  

“Not only that, I’m excited to keep going with my Fortnite content as well as competing. I’m excited to continue developing not just for me but also my community and my family.”

Cold’s success in the past 12 months has been phenomenal. The North America competitor won multiple Epic Cash Cups and Fortnite Chapters on his road to become FNCS Champion.

But his continued success throughout 2023 was not something he anticipated when he first got in to playing Fortnite.  

“I started getting into Fortnite when I was about 10 years old on my PlayStation 5,” began Cold.  

“Me and my four buddies just used to get on every single day and play non-stop and then I fell in love with the game. And then I think a year later I ended up getting a family PC that I used to play Fortnite on and I would just grind it every day like six hours, six hours, six hours.  

“And I just fell in love with it so much I kept playing and I realised I was good. But I never thought I’d become a Pro player, it was just something I did for fun and loved it a lot.

“I began on controller and was forced to switch to keyboard when I started playing on the family PC. My controller wouldn’t work so if I wanted to play PC, I had to learn how to use keyboard.”

“So I started watching a ton of YouTube videos titled ‘Best Fortnite keyboard player drops 40 kills’ or something and I would just watch them and wished I was that good.”  

And the endless studying and hours spent perfecting his style of play paid off, with Cold crowned FNCS champion in October. 

Aged 15 when he lifted the FNCS trophy, it was a moment Cold will never forget and he’s hoping to have more moments like it in 2024, with Man City Esports.  

“It was the best experience of my life,” said Cold. “I’ve never had a feeling in my nerves that was so intense. It was definitely the best feeling I’ve ever had.

“The win is definitely a bit of a blur! But I do remember that last couple of seconds before we won.

“We had died early in the game I think and we were just freaking out and like ‘no, please be enough, please be enough’ and I remember re-loading our game together and we saw that we won and we both started screaming!

“Thinking ahead, I’ve not set any ambitions yet as the year has just started but I’ll definitely be thinking about it soon,” Cold admitted.  

“Of course we want to try and win all three of the FNCS’s. They haven’t confirmed where the LAN of the year is but it’s probably the one I’m most looking forward to.”

The first event Cold will represent Man City Esports will be at the Chapter 5, Season 1 FNCS semi-finals later this month.

Cold and Threats will compete with their respective duos in North America while Setty, Skram & Trippernn will battle it out on European servers with their duos. 

Stay tuned on, our Official Man City App and our X account: @ManCityEsports for regular updates on our involvement in Fortnite competitions.