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Hattersley and Mottram join Official Supporters Club family

Hattersley and Mottram join Official Supporters Club family
Hattersley and Mottram is the newest UK-based branch to join Manchester City’s family of Official Supporters Clubs.

Formed in November 2020, the group has enjoyed a rapid growth and already boast a sizeable membership total of 54.


Hattersley and Mottram were founded as a result of the enjoyable period branch General Secretary Anthony Garvey and his father spent as members of the Ramsbottom branch.

With the area, which lies 10 miles east of the Etihad stadium, home to a significant number of seasoncard holders, Anthony Garvey and his dad decided to capitalise on the interest and launch their own branch.

“City have a big fanbase in Hattersley and Mottram,” Anthony explained.

“When we played Manchester United in the FA Cup semi-final, we arranged coach travel down to Wembley and did so for the next few years after.

“Me and my father both joined the Ramsbottom branch last year and had a great time thanks to their Chair, Dave Aspinall.

“We started thinking about setting up a branch of our own because there are plenty of City supporters in the area, many of whom are season ticket holders.”

Having been established whilst COVID-19 restrictions are in place, Anthony is looking forward to reuniting with City fans at their branch headquarters in the future and hopes Hattersley and Mottram’s membership base will continue to rise.

“A few of us meet up in the Harehill Tavern in Hattersley to watch the games, so I have asked the landlord if we can run from there when we are able to return,” he added.

“We currently have 49 members and we've got the potential to become a big and well supported branch in the future as we keep on growing.”

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