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Cityzens Giving for Recovery spotlight: Montevideo

Cityzens Giving for Recovery spotlight: Montevideo
Cityzens Giving for Recovery, City Football Group’s ground-breaking 12-month recovery drive, is bringing together its nine clubs, thousands of staff, and millions of fans, to help communities get back on their feet in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

As part of Cityzens Giving for Recovery, we are matching donations for the funding of nine recovery-linked projects near each of our clubs*.

In a special series, we are taking a closer look at the projects earmarked in each of our nine chosen locations.

In Montevideo, Uruguay, many families live in a situation of extreme social vulnerability, which manifests itself in a range of social challenges including low engagement with education, resulting in other issues such as child labour and limited access to employment.


As a result of the Coronavirus crisis and social isolation measures, school has been suspended and the situation of the most vulnerable children has worsened in terms of access to food, sanitation, and increased risks to their safety.

This project will provide protection to children and young people through support for their return to education.

To ensure their safety, schools will be required to implement new sanitary measures of care and develop new programmes to offer educational and emotional support for all those involved.

Gonzalo, from Gurises Unidos, said: “This project is essential because each donation can help work towards helping children and adolescents back to school."

In addition, the project will provide hygiene equipment to community schools and promote healthy practices, so that children and young people will be able to return to the classroom safely.

Full details of Cityzens Giving for Recovery can be found here:

*Up to a total of £500,000 matched against all donations received on or by 30 September).

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