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Cityzens Giving for Recovery Project Spotlight: Mumbai

Cityzens Giving for Recovery Project Spotlight: Mumbai
Cityzens Giving for Recovery, City Football Group’s ground-breaking 12-month recovery drive, is bringing together its nine clubs, thousands of staff, and millions of fans, to help communities get back on their feet in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

As part of Cityzens Giving for Recovery, we are matching donations for the funding of nine recovery-linked projects near each of our clubs*.

In a special series, we take a closer look at the projects earmarked in each of our nine chosen locations.

In Mumbai, the long-term impact of the Coronavirus crisis has been particularly challenging for children who are now unable to attend school, as many of them are confined to home or have returned to their family villages elsewhere.

When schools do return, the immediate challenge will be maintaining social distancing where an average classroom size can be 40 pupils, and to address this issue, it is expected that schools will share a large portion of the curriculum online.

It is estimated that in the poorest 20% of households, less than 3% have access to a computer with less than 10% having internet facilities, increasing the learning gap for children from the most disadvantaged communities and risking high numbers of school drop outs.  

This project will work with children who have become disconnected from school and give them access to digital tools and training to catch up on learning they may otherwise miss.

Digital Learning Centres, managed and supported by qualified digital trainers and supported by Young Leaders, will be set up in communities where children can attend courses on computer skills, as well as access the online resources assigned to them as part of the school curriculum. 

Young Leader Netra, 18, said: "The children I coach are unable to access their school resources due to a lack of connectivity and computers.

"Through our digital learning centre, we can make a difference and ensure children continue to progress and learn."


This project will be delivered by OSCAR India.

Full details of Cityzens Giving for Recovery here:

*Up to a total of £500,000 matched against all donations received on or by 31 August).

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