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CITC take part in National Kicks Cup

City in the Community (CITC) have this week competed in the National Kicks Cup.

The Kicks Cup welcomes over ninety teams of all abilities, that represent over 90 professional football clubs.  

This year teams descended on the University of Nottingham’s Riverside Sports Complex for the 2022 Premier League Kicks Cup.

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The PL Kicks Cup brings together more than 700 young people from across England and Wales for under-16 competitions. 

PL Kicks uses football and other positive activities to engage young people. 

Nicholas Phillips, Community Outreach Lead Coach for Kicks said: “The Premier League Kicks Cup is a great initiative for young people across the country to play in a national competition. 

"It is an amazing opportunity for young people from all backgrounds, abilities & genders to play in a free structured tournament whilst representing their clubs and communities on a national scale. 

"I can only imagine this must be an unreal feeling for young people and very empowering. Well done & good luck to everyone taking part!”

The National Kicks Cup is part of the Premier League Kicks programme, that has supported hundreds of thousands of young people to achieve their potential and improve their wellbeing through free weekly football sessions and educational workshops. 

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Premier League Kicks began in the 2006/07 season in partnership with the Metropolitan Police, with the aim of involving and supporting young people in regular, positive, and fun activity, whilst helping to create stronger, safer, more inclusive communities. 

To date, the Premier League has invested almost £66 million in Kicks and in the year ahead an estimated 80,000 young people will take part in the programme. 

As well as providing young people with access to free football and sports activities, Premier League Kicks offers mentoring, life skills advice and access to opportunities like volunteering to help aid their development.

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