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City DNA #75: The legend of Rose the tea lady

City DNA #75: The legend of Rose the tea lady
If you are looking for people with Manchester City DNA running through their veins, search no further than Rose Woolrich.

Better known as ‘Rose the Tea Lady’, she had been one of the Club’s most welcoming faces for more than 40 years, yet it is probably fair to say not that many City fans know about Rose.

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That’s not through ignorance – Rose keeps the lowest of profiles and shuns the limelight – but for literally thousands of photographers at Maine Road and now the Etihad Stadium, she is something of a legend.

Rose looks after the men and women who brave all weather to get the shot that can sum up a match with one expression, moment of vital action or celebration.

It’s fair to say photographers are largely forgotten by the wider world, but not by Rose and, of course, not by Manchester City.

Other clubs look after the photographers as well, but Rose represents something that is rare in the modern game – a familiar face and a warm and welcoming personality to match.

If Rose had a business card, it was once claimed that she could quite legitimately claim to be 'Director of Beverages' – a role she’s held for close on five decades.

When the rain is lashing down, wind howling or blizzard is blowing, every photographer that comes to City knows that Rose will make the task that much easier.

Nobody makes a cup of tea like Rose and her sandwiches are the stuff of legend.

‘Rose’s Room’ is a secret to most - you won’t find it on any club map of the stadium and it doesn’t feature on any tour – but perhaps it should.

The photographers know where it is, but it’s not a secret they will share willingly – that is their place and Rose is a best-kept secret.

Hidden in the bowels of the Etihad where the Colin Bell Stand meets the North Stand, you’ll find Rose’s Room tucked away… a hidden gem indeed.

Inside you’ll find a small room with amazing pictures on the walls, many of them featuring Rose with famous players, managers from City and our opponents over the years.

It’s hard to tell who is the more impressed on the pictures!

If there is ever an argument for who is the first lady of Manchester City, you’d imagine Anna Connell, Helen Turner and, of course, Rose, would all be in with a shout.

A Club legend in every sense.

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