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CITC mark Dementia Action Week

City in the Community (CITC) are marking Dementia Action Week by highlighting the work they do to tackle Dementia through their Reminiscity programme.

Dementia Action Week aims to raise awareness of campaigning. Each year the campaign works with individuals and organisations across the UK to encourage people to ‘act on dementia’.

This year’s campaign runs from 16-22 May, focusing on a main theme of diagnosis.

CITC’s ‘Reminiscity’ programme aims to engage and support people living within Manchester who suffer from mild to moderate forms of dementia.

Reminiscity was launched to create a dementia safe environment for participants to enjoy social and physical activity, through the conduit of football and Manchester City, promoting active and engaged lifestyles in the face of the challenge’s dementia can bring.

Jason El-Kaleh, Community Outreach Officer commented on the programme saying: “The weekly sessions use football as a prompt for reminiscence, enjoyment, and social interaction amongst our participants.

“Loneliness and isolation can be huge factors for a person diagnosed with dementia and their loved ones, so providing a space where carer and participants can build support networks is great to see.”

One participant said: “I love the fact that I can come to these sessions and meet people who are in a similar position to me. You don’t realise you’re on your own until it’s too late so these sessions provide me with somewhere to do to socialise.”

“It is a stimulation for me, it triggers a lot of memories for me that I sometimes forget, memories to do with City. It is the best thing I do.”

Previously, former City players Mike Summerbee and Alex Williams visited a programme session, participating in a Q&A session with participants, discussing their careers and watching historic match highlights.

Commenting on the visit back in September, Alex Williams said: “Anything we can do as a football club and as a community to address dementia would be great.

“This project is something that is new, it is something that is needed in the local community, and it is great to interact with local residents.”

One participant's family member said: “My husband has forgotten a lot about Manchester City through his dementia, so coming to these sessions allows him to talk about things he might have forgotten and brings a lot back for him.”

To find out more information about Reminiscity please contact [email protected].

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