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City In The Community: From 30 to 35...

City In The Community: From 30 to 35...
As City in the Community (CITC) turns 35, we take a look back over the last five years, reflecting on what has been done and achieved in the community since it celebrated its 30th anniversary.

Over the last 35 years CITC has grown and continues to be a leading football foundation.

The charity has adapted to the needs of Manchester people and never stands still. In its 35th year, the team is focused on supporting the mental health of young people with their new City Thrive programme.

CITC’s work reflects the values the Club were founded and built upon 126 years ago. But in more recent years, since turning 30, it has come on leaps and bounds to further support people of all ages in the local community.

With four core programme delivery areas: ‘Early Years’, ‘School Sports’, ‘11+’ and ‘Outreach’, CITC’s work reaches thousands of participants, supporting them each in different, individual ways.

Over the last five years the Foundation has continued to grow. Here’s some highlights of what has been achieved in that time:

Early Years

• Worked with over 20,000 children, supporting them to get active with over 400,000 face-to-face contacts in 20,000 hours of delivery.
• Started to work closely with the local council to develop a new strategy for Physical Development for all early year’s children across Greater Manchester.
• Within the last year, despite the COVID-19 lockdown, a new programme has been piloted to better support families to get active with early years children.

School Sports

• 1.5million contacts across 68,500 sessions, the school sports programme helps improve primary ages children’s physical wellbeing.
• Season 2021/22 sees a new mental health curriculum being delivered across CITC partner schools, supporting primary aged participants with mental health knowledge as well as their own.


• CITC has supported 1,600 students in their educational aspirations and employability.
• The charity has developed a degree programme over the five years. Of the inaugural cohort, CITC were able to move four-degree graduates straight into employment with the foundation.
• Looking into the future, with the newly launched City Careers programme, City in the Community hope that more participants can find new routes into employment.


• Outreach have engaged with nearly 10,000 community participants since September 2016, with more than 600 free hours of football provided to these groups.
• Over 4000 free meals have also been distributed each year to help reduce holiday hunger. ted they
These achievements have all been part of CITC’s continued growth and passion to reach wider audiences engaged more people in activities put on by the club.

As CITC continue to grow, we want to thank the local community and our fans for their endless support.

What will the next five years hold..?

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