The Club’s charity, City in the Community (CITC), hosted its annual Blue Run event for the fifth time at the Etihad Stadium, with fans and sponsors raising £32,000 and counting.

Participants could run, dance, or walk round the 2.5 or 5 kilometre course, all while being covered in blue paint by CITC staff members.

More than 1,000 people got involved in the event both on the Etihad Campus, at home and internationally.

The Blue Run route, which began with a signal from CITC Trustee Nedum Onuoha, took participants from the Etihad Stadium to the City Football Academy, whilst being covered in blue powder along the way!

All profits raised from the event will go towards supporting City in the Community’s work, which empowers healthier lives through football for people across Greater Manchester.


Speaking at the event, former Manchester City defender and current CITC Trustee, Nedum Onuoha, said: “Community has always been at the heart of Manchester City, and that’s never more evident than at the Blue Run.

“I love to see all the fans dressed up, enjoying themselves and embracing the paint. Not only is the event hugely impactful for people living across Greater Manchester, but it also brings fans together in unique way.

“I’d like to thank everyone who has shown their support for City in the Community, whether that be today or over the course of the season. You really are helping to empower lives.”

This year you could also take part in the Blue Run through a new minigame on Blue Moon, the Club’s experience on Roblox, for the Blue Run.

The minigame was located inside on the caves on Blue Moon and saw avatars enjoy an obby race either alone or with their friends, whilst being covered in virtual blue paint. While fans raced through the course, their avatar was wearing the limited-edition Blue Run t-shirt.

City in the Community, Manchester City’s charity, empowers healthier lives with city youth through football across Greater Manchester.

Programmes place physical and mental health at their core, whilst also creating healthy futures and healthy communities.

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