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Young fan at Cityzens Weekend

Young fan at Cityzens Weekend

Pep Guardiola, Manchester City Manager

“I’ve never been here before, I never experienced the Premier League before, that’s why I am here. If we are able to win one game, why can’t we win again three days later and then why can’t we win one week later like we did in the last two games? That is the reason why I am in England. In Barcelona, in Bayern Munich, in Spain, in Germany, we were able to do that and there are people who say it was because we were in Barcelona, because we were in Bayern Munich, and they say you won’t be able to do that in England, so okay let’s do it.”

“I’m here because it is a challenge. I proved myself in Barcelona and again in Germany and now I want to prove myself with the staff and amazing players that Manchester City has and the ones who will join us. We want after every game for fans to be proud of the players. At the end we will see what our level is to win titles. What I want is after the game, after the season, our supporters and those who love football enjoy it. That is the most important thing. After that maybe we will win titles, but if the people are not proud then there is nothing to do. We need our fans. I cannot do it alone. We need the players, the staff and our fans. Without them this is impossible.”

Khaldoon Al-Mubarak, Chairman of Manchester City Football Club

“I am absolutely excited about Pep joining our team. I consider Pep to be one of the best, if not the best manager today in football.  We are getting a manager that epitomises in my view, passion and commitment. He’s a winner. He’s a proven winner. He has won professionally in every team he has coached. His record at BM, his record at FCB I think speaks for itself. The trophies, he has won -  every single club competition out there from UCL to La Liga, the Bundesliga to the FIFA Club World Cup, to the respective cups in both leagues he has played. We are getting a proven winner, a passionate man, we are getting someone that I think will be an incredible asset to MCFC and I have no doubt he will transform our team to a whole new level.

“Pep always has a knack for talent and he loves to find young players that have incredible talent. He finds that talent, he nurtures it and you find them evolve and really succeed in both respective first team experiences that he has had at FCB and at BM. And today at our club, we have that, I think we have incredible talent today. It’s the first time in years since we started this experience that truly, and at every level almost, within the football club we have incredible talent.”

Jason Wilcox, Head of Coaching

“It’s magnificent. I was here yesterday and there were lots of supporters. To see so many here today for the unveiling of the new manager is something special.”

“I’ve only just taken over this role as Head of Coaching but for me to oversee the football programme from under-9s to under-21s is a real privilege. I’m extremely proud and what we have to do is deliver the right product for the right manager. Being a great manager is two things; delivering the product and opportunity. What we have now is a manager who will give youngsters the opportunity and it’s extremely exciting for everybody.”

Kelechi Iheanacho, First Team Player

“As players, we feel so proud every time we pull on a Manchester City shirt. The team have all been really impressed with the technology that has gone into the new design and this year’s kit is even more special as we have our new Club badge on it. There’s definitely a real sense of excitement around the Club as we approach the new season – I just can’t wait for it to start!” 

Steph Houghton, Manchester City Women’s Captain

“The badge is so symbolic of Manchester City and everything that the Club represents; for the players and the fans. It’s really exciting to see it on the new kit and myself and the Manchester City Women’s team just can’t wait to wear it. This is the most technologically advanced kit that we have ever had and a fitting way to kick-off the next chapter in the Club’s history.”

Joe Hart, Goalkeeper. Longest serving Manchester City player

“I am really looking forward to wearing it. It’s something new. This is what I love about this club and the journey I have been on since I’ve been here. There have always been new and exciting things and every one of them positive.  It’s no different with this badge. I think it’s great.”

Diego Gigliani, SVP Media and Innovation, City Football Group:

“The time was right for a full revamp of our site, reflecting both the new expectations of our digital fans and our vision of where media consumption is heading.

“The main benefits of the new mancity.com can be described simply: more of the content you’ll love with a better overall experience. The site is mobile-first, video-rich, and features a range of content from across the club, our teams and players, our fan base and the wider football community. It adapts to the match cycles, makes it easier to discover trending or related content, and contains a fresh and modern design.

“We can proudly say that this site has been co-created with our fans. We involved them in multiple steps of the journey – from early research into what they liked or disliked about our and other sites, to advanced user experience design testing.

“The new site is the latest example of our sustained commitment to innovating across the club, all directed at better connecting with our fans in both Manchester and around the world and ultimately strengthening our sense of community.”

Kevin Parker, General Secretary of the Official Supporters Club:

“I have been so impressed from the outset with the club’s approach to this entire badge project.  There are not many clubs that would seek fans’ views on such a central issue and there are even fewer, if any, that would then commit to respond so faithfully to the feedback received.

“The Club have listened, presented the information impartially and have responded appropriately.  Not only have they reacted to the fact that the majority wanted to return to a round badge, they have also ensured that the three most favoured symbols as fed back by the fans have been included.  On a personal level, I love the new design. It just feels right.”

Gary James, Manchester Football Historian

“This Club knows how important its heritage is to its fans and it has ensured that those fans being consulted were fully aware of the history behind its previous symbols and I was privileged to play a part in that process with my lectures.

“I am most pleased that what has emerged, is a badge that can be described as a modern original – a badge that is authentic to the club and to the city, but with future facing touches. It respects and echoes badges that have come before it, but is not a pastiche of them. Personally I am also thrilled that for the first time, the club’s birthdate is featured. What a perfect statement about how long this club has been around and how far it has come.”

Noel Gallagher, City Fan

“They have given us our badge back. I am delighted.”

Alex Williams MBE, City in the Community Ambassador

“It’s great for us to open our doors to the local public. A lot of the fans who have come in over the last two days have never been to CFA before. We wanted to ensure this facility was not elitist and that everyone gets a chance to come and sample the fantastic surroundings.

Howard Bernstein, CEO Manchester City Council

“What I find particularly pleasing is how much the words Manchester and City stand out on this badge.  With the inclusion of three evocative regional symbols of the ship, the rivers and the rose, there is no doubting that is a badge that is heavily tied to the city in which it resides and to which it has given so much.”

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